Hi, I’m Shelby!

It’s so good to see you, thank you for stopping by!

I started this blog as a way to share my journey towards a simpler life. The nuts and bolts of what sparked this change can be found in my intro post, Minimalism, my way.

At Searching for Simple I hope you will find relatable stories of the trials and tribulations of trying to own less and less while living in a society that tries to convince us we need more and more.

I live in Northeast Minneapolis with my husband (Josh), our Blue Heeler (Ari), and two cats (Nuggets & Verna). We toe the line between simultaneously trying to implement changes that will help our growing family be able to thrive in our 1,300 square foot home without compromising the charm of our beloved 1930’s “minimal traditional.”

I call this: Lessons in “Less is More.”

Shelby Voeltz